Window Privacy Film with Installation Tools

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Size:  Black-silver
Color:  35.4Inch x 32.8 Feet
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Material Vinyl
Color Frosted
Size 17.5 Inch X 6.5 Feet
Product Dimensions 17.5"L x 1.8"W
Installation Type Static Cling
Ultraviolet Light Protection UV Protection

  • EXTRA PRIVACY WINDOW FILM TOOL KIT - MAGIDEKOR window Frosted film package also includes the installation kit you need such as a rag, a spray bottle, and a squeegee (in the PAPER TUBE) to save money and time and make installation easier. Rag come in random colors
  • UPGRADE BACK PROTECTIVE FILM & GRID LINE EASY TO INSTALL:The protective film on most frosted window films is difficult to peel off, so we have newly upgraded the protective film,made of white release paper, which can be peeled off in 1s, no other auxiliary stickers are needed to tear off, saving time and effort. Frosted glass film also adds grid line design,each grid length is 1inch,provides accurate and convenient measurement for cutting. Make it easy for customers to use.
  • STATIC CLING&NO GLUE : MAGIDEKOR Frosted Glass Window Privacy Film supposed to stick with static cling, easy to install, just make sure the glass window surface is completely clean and spray plenty of soapy water on the frosting window film and the window surface to apply it. It can also be easily removed without leaving any marks on the glass.
  • SUN BLOCKING & HEAT CONTROL:Frosted window clings block 82% of infrared rays and 95% of UV rays, blocking direct sunlight from fading. Heat insulation in summer and heat retention in winter for energy savings and reduction of expensive heating and cooling costs.
  • MULTI-SCENARIO USAGE:With the window frosting film, say goodbye to those heavy curtains or blinds.Our frosted window film can be widely applied to many smooth and flat surfaces and multiple scenarios,such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms, hotels, etc.Get the privacy but still softened light.Note: Not applicable to uneven and rough glass surfaces.


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Day and Night Privacy Window Film

  • In the past, were the window film you purchased hard to peel from the backing film, requiring auxiliary stickers to separate them?
  • Do you need a ruler to measure the size or find a tool to complete?
  • If your window film is hard to apply, it's may didn't use a rag to completely clean the glass first!

MAGIDEKOR privacy window film helps you solve all these above problems!

Great Privacy Protection for Bathroom

HOW to Install privay window film?

How to let frost window Film bubbles disappear?

Spray plenty of soapy water, the more soapy the better, and use a squeegee to scrape away excess air bubbles.

Will this be easy to remove?

Yes,No adhesive, removable without any residue, super static cling to the window.

Why does the films peel off from the window?

Make sure the window glass is clean enough without any dust and spray enough soapy water.

Where is the installation kit?

The installation kit are all in the window film PAPER TUBE.